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Backflow Prevention Testing

Knoxville Commercial Backflow Prevention

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Backflow is the term used to describe the phenomenon of water flowing backward through your plumbing system, usually caused by a sudden and drastic change in pressure pushing the water backward (backpressure) or pulling it back into the main supply (backsiphonage). This not only can cause your building to suddenly and unexpectedly lose your water connection, but could potentially risk contaminating your potable water supply, or worse, the main water supply line that your building is connected to. This is why all commercial buildings are required to have backflow prevention devices, and likewise are required to have these devices regularly tested.

Have you had your backflow prevention device checked recently? Is your system working properly? Do you need to have your system fixed? Whatever type of backflow prevention device services you need, the experts from Del-Air Mechanical can help you get it done. We offer a full range of services for backflow prevention devices, and hold ourselves to high standards. Certified Knoxville backflow prevention device contractors, we can conduct a full inspection and certification for your backflow device as well as repair damaged devices and install new ones to all required standards for durability, functionality, and quality.

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Do I Need a Backflow Test?

The state of Tennessee requires that all backflow devices are tested for functionality every single year. These annual inspections test to ensure that your backflow prevention device conforms with local and state-wide building standards as well as ensure it’s functioning exactly as it’s supposed to. Even a small amount of cross-contamination between potentially harmful substances and potable water could jeopardize our entire water system, making these devices extremely important to have.

Some examples of systems which can cause backflow contamination include:

  • Irrigation systems (lawn sprinklers, drip systems, etc.)
  • Fire sprinklers
  • Water treatment systems
  • Sewage treatment systems

What Does Backflow Prevention Device Testing Entail?

A backflow test consists of a licensed professional checking your system to determine what type of backflow prevention you have, and then conducting a test to ensure that the prevention system engages correctly in the event of a change in water pressure. You likely will not be able to use your water or sewage lines while the test is being conducted, however the average test is usually fairly quick, which means you won’t be without your water supply for too long.

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