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Picture of Office Horror

Spooky Signs Your Heating System Needs Replacing

We know that most offices are kept on the cooler side; however, this should not mean that they are unbearably cold. If you think your space has taken a turn towards the tundra, it is time to check to see if your heating system is functioning properly.

If your system falls under any of the following conditions, it is time for an upgrade:

Your System Is Over 10 Years Old

If your heating network was installed over ten years ago, it no longer is up to efficiency standards. Outdated technology simply cannot outperform newer systems, as industry knowledge has changed drastically over the last decade shifting the way in which these systems are manufactured. As a result of running an older system, you may experience higher utility costs that are disproportionate to your climate control satisfaction. So, why pay more for something that isn’t delivering cost-worthy heat? If your heating system has aged out, an upgrade will prove beneficial in the long run for both your wallet and your comfort.

Your System Is Making Scary Sounds

Hearing suspicious squealing, rattling, or banging sounds in your office? A healthy system runs quietly! So, if you have your own personal Halloween soundtrack emanating from your heating system, parts of your network may need replacing. Squealing sounds typically point to an issue with your motor bearings. Banging and rattling noises indicate that you may have loose parts bouncing around. And screeching is a sign of a compressor related issue. If you are hit with a symphony of any of the above, have your heating system inspected as soon as possible!

Your System Is Magically Turning On & Off

Is it a ghost or is your system short cycling? It’s likely the latter. If your heater is shutting off before completing your heating cycle, your appliance is short cycling. This can happen as a result of an overheating heat exchanger, shutting your system down. So, if you notice your heater kicking on and off by itself, it’s time for replacing!

For your heating system replacement and service, contact Del-Air Mechanical at (865) 205-9929! We are here to make sure your office is comfortable this holiday season.