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Picture of Decorated Office

Office Decorations: A Guide To Limiting Interference

Whether your office nowadays is in your home or not, you should still be able to make it festive! The holidays are here which means one thing—it is time to decorate! From your favorite string lights to your tree, you can’t wait to unbox all of your holiday spirits. However, these decorations can sometimes compromise your airflow and quality. Here are some pro tips to ensure your decorations don’t affect your office comfort or integrity:

Keep Air Vents Unobstructed

If you place holiday decorations over your air vents, you are quite literally blocking your controlled air from entering your office space. So, your heating will become inhibited. Not to mention, you can pose a potential threat to your ducting networks, as the air pressure within your ducts will begin to accumulate causing cracks and the separation of joints. Remember, your air supply is only as successful as your air ducts are sealed, so it is imperative that you keep your vents clear of any hanging decor.

Make Smart Purchases

A lot of holiday decor is manufactured with synthetic materials and fibers. These compounds can be toxic and emit unhealthy gasses and particles into your air, jeopardizing your indoor air quality. Chemicals found in fake trees and the like can additionally lead to health implications, exacerbating asthma, or causing respiratory infections.

Make sure you are purchasing safe decor! To further guard your indoor air quality, change your air filters, keep your system clean, and schedule frequent maintenance. That way, you are not subject to debris build-up.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Remember, string lights and other electrical decorations will inherently heat up your space. Lower your indoor temperature to accommodate this extra heat source. Or, switch to LED lights—these do not impact your indoor climate.

For your holiday HVAC needs, contact Del-Air Mechanical at (865) 205-9929! We are here to ensure you can focus on your festivities rather than a malfunctioning heater. Don’t hesitate to reach out!