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Troubleshooting Your Commercial Cooling System

Before re-opening the office, it is essential to give your air conditioning system a practice run. This will ensure that employees return to a cool environment, as any malfunction will be able to undergo repairs before their return!

Follow these maintenance instructions to prepare your air conditioner for post-COVID-19 affairs:

Evaluating Operation

Step 1: Set your thermostat to your desired cooling temperature, and double-check that your thermostat is switched to “on”.

Step 2: Go to your outdoor condenser units and listen to their hum. If they are operating properly, there will be warm air coming out of the top of your condensers, and they will not emit any unusual banging, clanking, or popping sounds. If this is the case, head back inside.

Step 3: Wait about ten to fifteen minutes for your system to begin cooling your building. If everything is cooling evenly, efficiently, and effectively—you are good to go. However, if the temperature does not lower after this period, it’s time to troubleshoot your air conditioning system to find which piece of equipment is malfunctioning.

Your Thermostat

If you are not experiencing adequate cooling in your commercial building, head to your thermostat. As your thermostat is your remote control for your entire system, this is a good place to start your investigation. First, make sure that your thermostat’s batteries are not dead. If you have not replaced these batteries since last season, it is time for a new set.

If the batteries are replaced and your system is still not functioning properly, check your thermostat settings. If you have pre-programmed schedules they may be overriding your current cooling cycle. This can appear as a system malfunction; yet, your system simply needs to be re-programmed.

If you have implemented the above tests, and your air conditioner is still not working, contact a professional HVAC technician for AC repairs.

Change Your Air Filters

If you are able to run cooling cycles, but you notice that your airflow is weak, you may have clogged air filters. Regularly change your air filters to avoid contaminants from building up within your system, slowing it down. Once these are replaced, your airflow should regain its strength.

Check Refrigerant Lines

Not getting cold air? Check your refrigerant lines for leaks, tears, and breaches in insulation. If you notice a loss in cooling power, this is likely the source. If you do find a leak, contact your local air conditioning specialist for repairs. Additionally, your refrigerant lines should be insulated, as this reduces unwanted heat loss and increases operational efficiency.

For your commercial air conditioning services, contact Del-Air Mechanical at (865) 205-9929. We have implemented the CDC recommended precautions to keep you and our technicians healthy and safe during these challenging times. Please don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions.