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Preventative Maintenance Checklist For Commercial Plumbing

Be proactive! When shelter-in-place orders lift, you want your office building to be ready for employees to return. That’s why we here at Del-Air Mechanical Contractors are providing you all with a preventative plumbing maintenance checklist, so your plumbing is back up and running when you are. Here are the critical components of your plumbing system to check on before opening your doors, post-COVID-19:

Signs Of Active Leaks

Check your property for water spots, moisture on the windows, pooling water, mold, and mildew, as these are signs you have an active leak present. If you notice any of these symptoms, contact a professional plumbing technician for pipe repair.

Indications of Corrosion

All visible plumbing fixtures should be inspected for signs of corrosion, which presents as limescale build-up on, and around, faucets and fixtures. If limescale is detected, your pipes may need replacing, as significant corrosion indicates your piping has reached the end of its lifespan.

Shifts In Water Pressure

If you have a multi-story office space, water pressure may vary floor-to-floor; however, it should not be higher than 80psi or lower than 40psi. Water pressure that exceeds 80psi can cause damage to your plumbing. As long as you feel comfortable with the water pressure in your office, and it is not outside of these regulations, you should be good to check this off of your to-do list.

Malfunctioning Valves

When it comes to plumbing, it is imperative that your shut-off valves are operating properly. This is an issue of safety, as broken valves will lend to extensive water damage if a plumbing emergency should arise. Test your shutoff valves so you know you have control over water flow, in case of a major plumbing incident.

Water Heater Operation

Inspect your water heater for signs of a leak. If you notice pooling water at the base of your water heater or notice rust on the exterior of your unit, you will need to contact a professional technician for water heater repair. Additionally, check the temperature of your water heater to ensure it is not set above 120 degrees Fahrenheit, as this can cause burning and scalding.

Slow Drainage

Test all of the drains in your office for flow rate. Slow drainage is typically a result of a clog in your piping. If you notice pooling water in your sinks, your drains are not functioning as they should. Have your drains professionally cleaned before re-opening, and schedule video camera inspection to ensure your piping has not been compromised by root infiltration.

Backflow Testing

Office buildings are required to undergo backflow testing annually and must have backflow prevention devices installed. If you have not had your building tested yet, or require backflow device installation, find a time that works for you here.

If you run into an issue while going through your preventative maintenance checklist, contact Del-Air Mechanical at (865) 205-9929. We are open and here to help you during these challenging times.