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Maintaining Indoor Air Quality In Your Commercial Building

With shelter-in-place orders extended, there is more time to prepare your commercial office space for employee returns. It is imperative that your building is safe, and there is one element that plays a major role in doing so: indoor air quality.

Indoor air pollution within office spaces is a reality; and, it is oftentimes worse than outdoor pollution. So, why is it rarely touched upon? Due to the inability to physically see when the air quality within your space becomes compromised.

The main sources of poor indoor air quality are unlike those that exist outdoors—they are invisible or less apparent. However, indoor air quality is exceedingly important, especially during the current COVID-19 outbreak. That’s why we here at Del-Air Mechanical Contractors are shedding light on how to maintain healthy indoor air quality in your commercial building.

To improve your indoor air quality—follow these protocols:

Install A MERV 13 Filter

Upgrade your air filters to MERV 13 filters to get the best coverage against the following:

  • Virus

  • Bacteria

  • Dust & Lint

  • Mold

  • Pollen

  • Smog

  • Smoke

A MERV 13 filter is manufactured to catch at least 90% of harmful, airborne particles. It is the recommended air filter for the current climate, as it significantly reduces the chances of virus spread through ventilation. Just remember to replace your MERV air filters every 6 months.

For those of you with standard air filtration systems, replace your air filters monthly to reduce airborne contaminants.

Establish A Non-Smoking Environment

Regardless of whether employees that smoke take their breaks curbside, cigarette smoke can linger on smoker’s clothes, bringing it indoors. This compromises your buildings’ air quality as cigarette smoke is toxic, consisting of over 4,000 chemicals. It’s best to create a non-smoking work environment.

Open Your Windows

When the temperature begins to drop again, and you begin heating your office, it is essential you open your windows to let fresh air in when you can. This will prevent condensation from forming around windows, which is imperative to reducing the chances of mold growth. Make sure your office moisture content is low to avoid mold and mildew formation, as spores can become airborne, causing health implications.

Eliminate Chemically-Based Cleaning Products

Most cleaning products on the market today are filled with chemical concoctions that when used, can cause respiratory distress and, in severe cases of repetitive exposure, cancer. This is especially true for scented solutions.

Generic cleaners oftentimes contain volatile organic compounds and other carcinogens. These toxins are likened to those released by diesel fuel fumes. It is important to purchase organic products that are labeled “chemical-free”. This will immensely improve the state of your indoor air quality.

Remove Aerosol Air Fresheners From your Bathrooms

Providing air fresheners to help reduce lingering odors in company restrooms is a great perk; however, it is costing you. Aerosol air fresheners release volatile organic compounds with each spray, compromising your indoor air quality. Remove these from each bathroom, and replace them with essential oil distributors. These will provide an even flow of odor coverage while keeping your indoor air quality intact.

Use Proper Ventilation

Do not block your air vents! We know it may be tempting to cover up the grates of your duct delivery system; however, this can lead to diminished airflow, causing your space to become stuffy. Stagnant air provides the ideal environment for bacteria and virus spread, so it is important to keep all of your vents open and unobstructed.

Add Plants To Your Office

Implementing indoor plants into your space will help improve your indoor air quality! As plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, they are cleaning agents and promote a healthy environment. Not to mention, they are a nice addition to your workplace aesthetic.

For more information on indoor air quality services, contact Del-Air Mechanical at (865) 205-9929. We are here to help you improve your indoor air quality, taking full precautions to ensure we can provide community support in a safe and healthy manner.