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Picture of Desk Being Cleaned

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Office

From your closet to your office, there is no better time to re-organize and declutter your space than spring. I mean, it is called spring cleaning after all. So, why not expand on your typical spring cleaning and take your Marie Kondo inspired efforts to your workplace. Here are the Del-Air Mechanical Contractors office cleaning tips for spring.

Assess Your Space

Whether you are just cleaning one desk, or you are tasked with organizing an entire building—it is always easier to divide and conquer. Mentally partition your space, so you are focused on one area at a time. Working in small sections will help you stay on track and keep you motivated.

Clear Your Desk

Have stuff… everywhere? Move it all to the floor. Once you have transferred the mess off of your desk, or out of your designated space, begin organizing it into sections. Only keep the items you absolutely need. Have 6 packets of sticky-notes on your desk? Move 5 into a storage cabinet, and only keep one pack out on your desk for convenience. Once you have effectively categorized your items, begin placing them in an organized fashion.

All paperwork should be filed. If you do not have a file cabinet, it is time to invest in one. If you have paperwork that still needs to be addressed, label a folder in your file cabinet “to do” to keep the distinction between completed work and pending work separate. This is beneficial if you are out sick as well, as co-workers will be able to find your work if needed.

The only items that should remain within arms reach are those deemed relevant and necessary. This may include your computer, keyboard, mouse, a pad of paper, and a writing utensil.

Eliminate Digital Clutter

How many desktop files are on your computer? Can you even see your background image? If the picture of your dog is covered in small icons of saved work—it's time to create folders. Move all of your work into various main folders. We suggest having no more than 10 desktop folders. Remember, you can create additional folders within your main desktop folder. This will allow for extreme organization, and ease locating your files.

Additionally, if your inbox has a plethora of unread emails—it’s time to set up rules for your inbox and filter through your unread messages.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

If you are the owner of your establishment, this is the most important spring cleaning step—scheduling professional HVAC maintenance. Quarterly maintenance is recommended, as it is needed to maintain good indoor air quality and a comfortable office climate.

For your HVAC maintenance, contact Del-Air Mechanical at (865) 205-9929. We are the leading HVAC professionals in the Knoxville, TX area.