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Managing Energy Consumption In The Workplace

Environmental consciousness is trending! And, we here at Del-Air Mechanical Contractors want to promote eco-friendly commercial practices. That’s why today, we are providing you with energy conservation tips that will both save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Here’s what you can do to upgrade your commercial space into a more eco-centric property:

Upgrade Your Lighting

If your building still uses incandescent light bulbs, you are wasting energy. Incandescent bulbs expend energy through heat loss. Switching to LED bulbs, or another energy-efficient alternative, such as halogen incandescent bulbs or compact fluorescent lamps, can reduce your energy consumption by up to 80%!

This is notable; and, will not only reduce your energy waste but will also save you money. Monthly utility bills will experience a drastic reduction, while your building faces no noticeable changes.

Lastly, consider implementing motion sensor technology. This will inherently reduce your energy use, as it eliminates forgetfulness. Leaving lights on by accident will become a thing of the past, naturally decreasing your buildings’ energy waste.

Install A Building Automation System

Gain complete control over your property energy efficiency. With building automation system installation, you won’t have to worry about remembering maintenance schedules and you won’t have to debate whether or not your air conditioning and heating systems are running with energy optimization—you’ll know. Building automation systems will automatically adjust to best increase energy savings and send you notifications and reminders for repairs and maintenance!

This technology will allow the standardization of your cooling, heating, plumbing, lighting, and so much more. Incorporating this system into your building will prove beneficial to both your energy-saving efforts and your bottom line. Contact your local HVAC professionals for building automation system installation.

Increase Insulation

Office buildings lose a significant amount of heat through their roofs. Poor insulation only increases energy loss, as all air conditioning and heating efforts are thwarted. Air leaks and inadequate insulation interfere with the ability to maintain your desired temperature causing an increased use of temperature controls. Ensuring your building has sufficient insulation will allow less forced cooling and heating, positively impacting your energy consumption.

Un-plug Technology Not In Use

Remember to unplug all electronics after hours, or over the weekend, as chargers left in outlets use energy even if they are not plugged into technology. Eliminating phantom charging will additionally reduce your overall energy consumption, helping you reach your eco-friendly goals.

For building automation system installation, HVAC services, and more, contact Del-Air Mechanical at (865) 205-9929! We are here to help you take eco-conscious steps towards energy conservation.