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Does Your Commercial Chiller System Need Repairs or Replacement?

Your commercial chiller accounts for the majority of your energy consumption for your business. So, you want to make sure it is running efficiently! When your system is at peak operation, you will spend less money and save more energy while receiving better cooling. That’s why we here at Del-Air Mechanical Contractors are revealing the signs your system needs repairs or replacement, so you don’t go months expending more energy than necessary.

When Your Chiller Needs Repairs

Your Chiller Is Not Turning On

If your chiller is not powering up, you may have:

  • Improper line voltage or loose electrical connections
  • A blown circuit breaker or fuse
  • Your power switch is malfunctioning

You Have Insufficient Fluid Flow

When your chiller fails to pump the fluid through the system, it may be experiencing:

  • Fluctuating line voltage
  • Low fluid levels
  • A kink in the process line
  • A refrigerant leak
  • A clog in the fluid filter
  • Pump failure

You Have Unsatisfactory Cooling

If your commercial space is not receiving adequate fooling, your system may have:

  • Clogged air filters or a blocked condenser
  • Deteriorated heat transfer properties
  • Iced up evaporator coil

Contact a professional technician to locate and repair your malfunction.

When It Is Time For Chiller Replacement

Your Unit Is Outdated

As your system ages, it will naturally begin to slow down due to inherent wear and tear from years and years of use. Scale buildup will occur, impacting the durability and power of your chiller. If your chiller is over 20 years old, it is no longer viable. Not to mention, these system parts are no longer manufactured, so if you encounter control issues or compressor failure, you will not be able to repair just one piece of equipment.

Your Energy Bills Are Astronomical

If your chiller’s efficiency is subpar, you are spending more trying to run your system than your equipment is worth. The coefficient of performance, or the ratio of heat removal to the energy input, should be above a six rating. Anything below that efficiency capacity is costing you.

You Experience Frequent Repairs

If your chiller is unreliable, and you are spending more on repairs than a new system would cost you, it is time to replace your chiller equipment. This will prove to save both your time and money.

For Chiller repair or replacement, contact Del-Air Mechanical at (865) 205-9929. We are here for your commercial cooling needs!