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Tips To Prevent Bathroom Accidents At Work

Are you experiencing common or repetitive issues with your bathroom plumbing at work? Clogs, water leaks, sewage smells, running toilets, and mold can cause an uncomfortable and unenjoyable trip to the restroom.

Water Leaks

Where is that annoying dripping sound coming from? Why is there water pooling on the ground? Water leaks can manifest in many different ways; yet, all water leaks are dangerous and damaging. Not only can water leaks cause personal injuries, from slipping and falling, but they can also result in building damages.

Addressing a leaking toilet or dripping sink as soon as it’s noticed is imperative. The longer a leak goes unrepaired, the more damages you will encounter. Additionally, water damage is not self-contained. When a leak occurs on the second floor of your office building, the ground floor is likely affected as well.

To find the source of your office leak, check for cracks on plumbing appliances, loose or damaged bolts, malfunctioning flappers, and worn-out washers. If you do notice any of the above damages, contact a professional plumber for replacement.

Stenchy Smells

When you walk into the bathroom, you shouldn't have to crinkle your nose in reaction to lingering odors. Bathrooms may be home to fleeting, foul smells, but sewage should never be one of them.

If you are smelling sewage, you have a serious plumbing problem that needs to be addressed ASAP. Burst pipes, backflow, clogs in your sewer line, and broken seals can all cause strong odors. With a myriad of possible culprits, a professional plumber should be contacted to ascertain the source of your sewage stench.

Additionally, if leaks are left unattended, mold can grow and foster in your space. This makes a bathroom smell musty and can cause serious health implications. Don't let leaks linger.


Froom flushing foreign objects to too much toilet paper—clogs are a common occurrence. However, it should not be an everyday encounter.

If you are experiencing consistent clogs in your office, your plumbing network likely needs a deep cleaning. The same goes for your sinks. If you notice pooling water and slow drainage, your pipes are blocked by something and need to be cleared.

Make sure your office bathroom is clog-free with regular drain cleaning maintenance. You don't want your employees facing clogs on their day-to-day.

Prevention and Testing

Don't wait until you have malfunctions to call a plumber—prevent them from occurring in the first place with regular maintenance and backflow prevention testing.

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