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The Handy Maintenance Guide for Building Managers

A building manager’s work is never done, but a checklist can help ensure that all crucial aspects of facility maintenance are completed consistently and on schedule. Use or customize this quick guide to help keep the preventative maintenance of your building on track!


A thorough plumbing inspection is needed at least once every year, perhaps more often depending on the demands that your building’s plumbing system must meet. Not only is a properly functioning plumbing system vital to keeping business running smoothly, but it also ensures that your building is not wasting any water through leaks. A professional commercial plumber is usually needed for most of the following maintenance tasks.

Plumbing Maintenance Tasks:

  • Inspect the boilers/water heaters.

  • Inspect the supply lines and drains.

  • Inspect the sump and sewage pumps.

  • Inspect the plumbing fixtures for leaks.

  • Review the contracts and warranties and the maintenance history of plumbing fixtures.

HVAC System

If your building’s heating and cooling system is not functioning properly, everyone is going to notice, especially if it’s during the middle of summer or the dead of winter. Your HVAC system should be inspected and serviced by a professional technician twice a year, ideally in the fall and spring. Regular HVAC maintenance is essential to keeping your system efficient and keeping its lifespan as long as possible.

HVAC Maintenance Tasks:

  • Change the air filters regularly.

  • Make sure that the air registers are free of dust buildup.

  • Make sure that condenser units are not blocked up by debris after windy days or crowded by bushes or shrubs.

  • Clean the condenser coil.

  • Test the thermostat responsiveness.

  • Get the ducts professionally inspected every so often for dust or mold build-up and air leaks.


While it’s obvious when something like a lightbulb needs to be replaced, your building’s electrical system might be in need of some maintenance or repairs that are harder to detect at first glance. Inspect the building’s power supply daily, and conduct regular inspections of its lighting system.

Electrical Maintenance Tasks:

  • Make sure lighting surfaces are cleaned regularly to maximize their performance.

  • Inspect exterior lights for corrosion or other damage.

  • Make sure power cords are kept out of walkways or other areas where they could cause someone to trip.

  • Check outlets for signs of burning or other damage.


Poorly maintained roofing can be a major source of problems for any building. Be sure to thoroughly inspect your building’s roof twice a year and after any bad weather occurs.

TIP: Before inspecting the roof for any damage, first look for signs of roof damage inside the building in the form of mildew, mold, peeling paint, water stains, or leaks. If you spot any of these signs, you’ll know to inspect the roof for a possible leak source.

Roofing Maintenance Tasks:

  • Remove debris from vents and roof drains.

  • Check for punctures or tears in the roof’s membrane.

  • Inspect the roof flashing and where the roof connects with walls for any wrinkles or rips.

  • Inspect the metal and copings around the roof’s perimeter.

  • Add corrosion protection to metal roofs.

  • Review the roofing contract, warranty, and maintenance history.

Miscellaneous Building Maintenance

The tasks that comprise building maintenance are diverse, but even the tasks that are harder to categorize are no less important when it comes to ensuring that your building is a safe and comfortable place to be.

General Maintenance Tasks

  • Check exterior walls, eaves, and arches at least once a month (or more frequently if necessary) for cracks or other damage.

  • Inspect doors and windows for loose hinges and faulty locks.

  • Inspect banisters and railings to make sure they are structurally sound.

  • Test the responsiveness of your access control system, and make sure it is programmed to meet safety regulations.

  • Schedule monthly maintenance for your building’s elevator.

As a building manager, your list of tasks can feel like it’s never-ending, and the last thing you want on your plate is a broken HVAC or plumbing system. That’s where Del-Air Mechanical can help. We have over three decades of industry-leading experience helping businesses in Knoxville with their HVAC and plumbing needs. Our highly trained professionals work quickly and efficiently to make sure everyone in your building is comfortable.